Welcome to T.E.E.S Together

Operating as a not for profit charity incorporated organisation (CIO), our aim is to help relieve some of the problems associated with both social and economic poverty in Teesside.

Period Poverty Effects Everyone

of the UK population have been forced to use makeshift menstrual products at some point.

of the UK population have missed school or work due to period poverty.

of the population believe that sanitary products should be provided free of charge to everyone.

Has period poverty ever affected you?

Almost 1 in 3 people will have answered 'Yes' to the question has period poverty ever afftected you.

Here at T.E.E.S. Together we want to help eliminate period povery in the UK, so if you have ever missed school or work, let us help you.

All our collection points operate on an anonymous basis, so use our search facility to find the collection point closest to you, then just walk in and ask for 'Free Tees'

How to get help

Getting help is simple, just follow the steps below


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